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Modeling Faith

Hi Beautiful People!
Due to the protests, I have found it easier to work on my ideas throughout the week and type it up on a Sunday. I have conducted another interview- I want to become better at this and to learn more ( have not been having lectures if you did not know about the protests). 
Today I present my fellow countryman, he is from Malawi who currently resides in Cape Town. He is in the midst of his BSc Economics, his father inspired him to do it. The reason I decided to interview this subject is because he is a model ( YES I KNOW A MODEL *giggle*). I met him on social media, I thought he would be slightly mean and arrogant because it is weird "hitting someone in the DM" however he was humble and a sweetheart. 

I have decided to not mention his surname because when I checked him on - his agency did not put his name up and when I asked him why it was like that considering that all the models listed usually had a surname listed, he told me that it…

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