Saturday, 7 January 2017

What You Should Know For Sure

Hi You Beautiful Creatures!

Today, I woke up quite early this morning for work to like a very cloudy, practically bleak looking Pretoria. Usually I have an amazing view but there was so much fog - I could not see much... 

I basically look at this and like I thought about staying home. Then I remembered reading the back of Oprah's book in the store I work at. It read:
"What I know for sure: Your journey begins with a choice to get up,step out and live fully." - Oprah Winfrey
from her book, ' What I know for sure'. You know, when you are surrounded by books for like 10-11 hours of your day and you know that customers will ask you about what the book is about (even if it is in their hand) as well as your views on it(like we all read every single book gracing our shelves).

The first chapter discussed Joy, doubts and fears (hi fear 🙈) was mentioned, stating that we all experience it but we have to make a choice in order to grasp an opportunity with both hands and to have joy as the end result. So I put my little morning joys up - just this morning joys.

How cute are these PJ's? The other day I was asked, what my favourite colour is and that is when I realised that I love wearing grey. That idiom, 'there is always a grey area' - it is true right here. I find that though black is slimming - I feel that it looks really dark and not so flattering for my skin tone. In addition, though white is clean and sophisticated when you see someone wear it- I think that it just drowns my face in pictures because it steals the limelight. Grey is BAE!

I got it from Pick 'n Pay Clothing . They have such cute PJ's- I had to grab two of them but could not seem to find the other on my way out.

Ahh (like that crisp cool taste of water as soon as you wake up), this fresh scent brings me so much confidence. The Dove and Shield are interchangeable for me because I have quite sensitive skin from the eczema. 

Oh, I wanted to show you what you would have found in the Lovisa bag that I practically wear everyday because of how empowering it is. It is a necklace that says 'Girl Boss'.

 Honestly, I like sweet smelling fragrances (as you can see,the bottle is practically empty) - this is like a gummy bear flirting with a sour worm. Basically, It is not too sweet that one can upchuck but it has a twang that gives it a little substance. LOL, I hope I never have to work in a fragrance store... I cannot describe fragrances to save my life. Basically, it makes me happy! 😋

I generally hope that in whatever quest/challenges/goals you are trying to achieve that you continuously leave fear,doubt and worry behind as you leap to a better you.

Live is too short - choose to Carpe Diem!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fearless in 2017

Happy New Year You Gorgeous Creatures!

Did you miss me? I missed all of you guy quite a bit. December was so hectic- between work and guests, I couldn't find the inspiration to write. Now that my hours at work are less and I tend to have a lot more alone time- I AM BACK! To be honest, I do not want to make promises I cannot keep like
" I will post every Thursday and Sunday" or anything like that. All I can say is that I plan on changing and I LOVE writing!

Firstly, I put myself to a challenge- 100 days of fearlessness! I fear A LOT but the top of the list is Judgement. I fear being judged for anything that is pretty out there so I try shy away quite a bit. So Day 1, I took a couple of pictures just for the fun. If you have not noticed, I stay away from putting pictures of myself on my own blog.

Day 1 of fearlessness : COMPLETE.

Much love,

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Modeling Faith

Hi Beautiful People!

Due to the protests, I have found it easier to work on my ideas throughout the week and type it up on a Sunday. I have conducted another interview- I want to become better at this and to learn more ( have not been having lectures if you did not know about the protests). 

Today I present my fellow countryman, he is from Malawi who currently resides in Cape Town. He is in the midst of his BSc Economics, his father inspired him to do it. The reason I decided to interview this subject is because he is a model ( YES I KNOW A MODEL *giggle*). I met him on social media, I thought he would be slightly mean and arrogant because it is weird "hitting someone in the DM" however he was humble and a sweetheart. 

Photographer: Marnus Meyer

I have decided to not mention his surname because when I checked him on - his agency did not put his name up and when I asked him why it was like that considering that all the models listed usually had a surname listed, he told me that it was so that Jack could not get poached, ie when people say that they would like Jack - they can not say which Jack because they are not aware of his surname. This was based on the look he had and the belief that they had in him. Therefore, I am respecting their wishes. Basically, he is a New Year's baby (1 January) and the youngest out of two children. 

I asked about his experience of South Africa, especially coming straight from Malawi, He immediately mentioned how conservative Malawi can be however he said Malawians tended to be helpful and accepting. He celebrated how diverse South Africa is because of how he is able to learn quite a lot. 

Marnus Meyer

How were you discovered?
I was walking to catch a school shuttle,this was first week of school, this women walks out of her house and puts her pets in the back seat. As I walk by, she greets me and I thought it was weird but I figure why not be nice. She asks me, 'who do you model for?', I replied to her saying no one and she hands me her contact details. That night I discussed it with my parents and my Dad replied,"it is not everyday that someone gives you this opportunity and not everyone will see what she see's in you". At the time, I was very shy but I figured it was chance to get out of my comfort zone. Two days later, I met up with her and she told me that 'Do not take this the wrong way but your face...your face.. Yo have the look. I would like to put you on the main board". She believed in me so much so that she put her own money towards the first test shoot. 

Main board explained:
My Bookers Management is divided into three boards- Lifestyle, Commercial and Main.
  • Lifestyle- made up of people that one can relate to.
  • Commercial- distinct look but something is missing. Eg: I am 157 cms which make me like 5'1, which definitely makes me too short to model professionally.
  • Main- Able to do everything. From Magazines to Runway.
You mentioned that you were quite shy, how did you gain confidence?
You know how most people have the fear of the unknown so once you familiarize yourself with  the unknown it then becomes something that you know, something that is out of your comfort zone- you eventually become comfortable doing it. Just frequently do it and always put yourself out there. 

What has been the most fun shoot?
GQ France, which took place like May 2016, it was fun because they went for a natural vibe; a pool party that was taking place throughout the day. "Don't pose. Don't be commercial- Just live life". So there is this one photo were I am sitting on the lawn and I am laughing, basically I had to look like I was talking to someone and I was, I talked to a fellow model about 'gym and his brother-in-law'.

Photographer: Peter Christensen

GQ France

Sometimes at shoots, you tend to look quite flamboyant - as seen on your Edgars shoot- how do you typically dress?
Well it depends on the day. Sunday, you are most likely to catch me in a suit with boots- I am not a fan of ties so you probably wont see me in that. Otherwise I stick to plain shirts without patterns; love V-necks ; I generally like boots and sneakers; I still wear three quarter pants even though I heard that they out of style or whatever, I still have a pair and it works for me.

Edgars Photo shoot.
Photographer: Caroline Mackintosh

Do you remember your first shoot?
Yes, I do. I thought my photo shoot was at 1pm on a Sunday however it was at 11am. So I had gone to Church and during the service I wanted to write done notes- that is when I saw that there were 20 missed calls from my agent. I called back and she told me that my shoot was now. I had not cut my hair so I went to the barber first because of all the rushing- I was not feeling as nervous. The mood board helped quite a lot. It was fun! I was scared because the photographer offered to re-do the whole shoot because he knew that we could have gotten better shots but it worked out. 

What do  you have planned for the future?
My agent has been wanting to send me abroad but that has not happened because of university, so once I graduate- in 2018, it will be our main mission. I have thought of America as an ideal place to start because I think that if you make in there- you have made it due to the major competition. 

Marnus Meyers.

You can tell why he made it as Glamour's #MCM- THAT SMILE.

Give me a glimpse into what happens in the workshops and fashion shows?
I had a workshop last year where they taught us about how we can vary emotions for TV commercials, with these emotions we have to to attach events in your life where you experienced that emotion. Another workshop I did, happened recently in Malawi, I just helped the models who were part of this winter fashion show. Basically, I gave out advice.

What is your typical week like?
Well this semester, it has been hard to go to castings because I have lectures from 9am-4pm. Back in the day, I would go to class and during the break I would go to castings then head back to class, when class finished I would go to gym.

Any Advice?
Do not let anyone tell you that you can not do something.

Lets talk more about your faith because for every photo on Instagram, you have a verse as a caption?
I always grew up in a faith-based household. My parents were part of an association in Malawi that went to the youth and spread the word, often they took us with them and I was asked to read verses.

He named a few verses:

1 Corinthians 10:1313 No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted[b] beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

which basically means that God wont let things overwhelm you.

Philippians 4:1313 I can do all this through him who gives me strength. 
.Jeremiah 29:1111 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 
Romans 8:2828 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

No matter what happens- I am able to do everything and anything I put my mind to. Everything will be fine especially if its Gods plan.

In addition, he mentioned the story about his faith before he got discovered. He told me that during his first week that he had experienced card fraud which was months before being signed to then the morning he got discovered- everything seemed not to be going well but before he left his room, he prayed and simply said- "Lord, let today be different." 

Anything you would like to add?
Be true to yourself.
It is not a competition- no need to race with anybody. Your destiny is different from those around you.

Photographer: Luke Alios Houba

He has truly challenged me in terms of my faith but has mentioned confidence which is often what most people struggle with, even I get some type of way about confidence.I am still working on it in every way possible. Can we give it up up to Jack for living a Carpe Diem life?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Bully You Will Like

Hi Beautiful People!

Today, I decided to do an interview of a friend of mine - I was so nervous because it was something that I was not used to but once we started talking then it became easier. I think I may feature a few more people, within my sphere, who are worth following and supporting.

Bill Siziba

Sitting down, waiting to make our order at the local coffee shop, Bill starts to tell me the concept of the photo shoot that he has put together later this afternoon - just to start the conversation and calm me down a little. You can view it at  later this week. 

I asked about his beginnings, he smiles and tells me that He was born in Bulawayo,Zimbabwe (which shocked me because I had no idea). He moved to South Africa when he was 3/4 years old where they lived in a township for a year and a half before moving to a suburb in Benoni.  He continues to tell me about how he ended up at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University(NMMU) studying Architecture, he explains firstly that he went to primary and high school in Johannesburg and was aware that a majority of his friends would be going to University of Johannesburg, he wanted to get out of the norm and at the time NMMU was rated the best for Architecture. 

My inquisitive side asked him what made him choose Architecture and starts to tell his story : "When I was younger I enjoyed drawing during my free time, especially during school holidays, but I was terrible at it. After a while, My Uncle started to pick up on the amount of time I was spending on drawing and slowly started to get me to focus on drawing still life such as apples etc. My drawing started to improve tremendously that people would start to notice and compliment my work. When it came to picking out what I wanted to study, initially I thought of engineering but I wasn't good at maths( we laugh simultaneously). So after high school I applied to universities but I got rejected by all of the universities I applied to but I decided to apply again- applied to NMMU which I hadn't done before and this time I got accepted by all except WITS University". Since then He has thanked his Uncle for teaching him the fundamentals - those simple moments when someone invests in you and have no idea how much it can impact you later in life. 

"You tend to travel a lot, what is your favourite city?" I question. It takes him a while but eventually explains that Johannesburg because it tends to be more flexible thus quicker for business and prefers Cape Town for pleasure. Taking this time to ask me about my favourite my city which is Johannesburg because of the vibe - nodding in agreement.
Bill at the launch of Bullyz Fitness outside the NMMU Gym & Aquatics Centre

The reason I wanted to interview Billy was because of this brand, when I met him in my first year in 2014 it was known as Bully, now it has become Bullyz Fitness. Billy ( as I call him) mentioned that "The day we met , that was the first photo shoot that I had ever done for Bullyz in Port Elizabeth- now you are interviewing me about Bullyz Fitness before this exciting photo shoot. I can't wait to see where it all ends up in a few years for the both of us."

When did you start Bullyz- How did the concept come about?
Started thinking about the idea back in high school- my friend, Bongani who was very good at coming up with names, told me that we should start a company called Bullyz. I replied that liked the idea but what exactly would be doing/selling. Initially the idea was to have body guards/security and have them at clubs in Jo'burg. I said that they should wear these t-shirts that had the name 'Bullyz' and we could money off that. After a while, we looked at it like this that we are just in high school - how else can we make this work? We decided on t-shirts but didn't want to be like everyone else (who were at the time creating hip hop t-shirts like 'Ama Kip Kip' etc) - that is when we clicked on 'black guys doing extreme sports' and it worked. After a year, we realized that neither one of us did extreme sports however I liked the idea. I started to ask what I am good? Realizing that it was fitness, I decided to branch out on my own and created 'Bullyz Fitness'. Inspired by the American business model of "Live fit"- changing the business model from ordering the item then making the item to having stock on hand based on the answers of a survey that was conducted on those who were gym goers. I launched my new brand in September of this year outside the Gym , for the duration of two days. 

Characteristics of your clientele and apparel?
Originally I expected it to be people who were gym regulars or participated in extreme sports however, it has become wider than that. I found out that some of the customers buy my products to wear for other kinds of active activities. So fundamentally it is for those trying to be active thus I have made sure that the apparel is functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Partnerships- anyone that you are planning to work?
I had someone that I had work on the marketing of Bullyz from Nov 2015- Sept 2016 but he could not because of university. However, now I am trying to establish a team like the photographers that I will be using later this afternoon- I am using this time to test people and how reliable they are; also the quality of their work - one thing I am not compromising on. 

Networking- how do you do it? Do you go to events such as the Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week ( NMBFW) with intentions to network?
Actually, I went to the NMBFW to support a friend of mine. I do not go places with the intention of networking because most of the contacts I have met were chance meetings. A good example is a guy I met at a Construction Management meeting and basically he made an 'app' for construction procurement - I looked at him as business minded so we talking about working on a project. I can use this opportunity to learn from him as well. My tip is always keep your eyes open to opportunities and I say keep making those phone calls and sending those emails - they may eventually reply or introduce you to someone else. 

Recently, I watched a video about sacrifice - sacrificing to achieve your goals/dreams. What did you sacrifice to get here?
In 2014, when I started this venture, i was in third year and I failed two modules because I was putting so much time into the business. However, you know what Archi is like? (I smile and reply #TeamNoSleep) Anyway, this was the first time I failed a year in my life. Thus, I will say I sacrificed TIME. I understand why they say that THIS is the best time to start a business because I can not imagine doing this if I had more responsibilities. I am now able to balance business and university - I recognize it as a give and take situation.

Anything else you would like to add?
The quality of the clothing has improved - I just would like to improve the selling and marketing because currently the way people purchase items is based on whether I am in Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth. I want an online store- 'shopbullyfitness' should be up by early 2017. In addition, I would like to work with Nurtitech to sell our products at the kiosk in the NMMU Gym and Aquatics centre. 

Everything about Billy and Bullyz is really what my blog is about- seizing the day and opportunities thus enjoying every moment you have. It was also lovely learning from him - got me excited about the my future plans etc. Thank you!


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Queenin' in our Katwe's

Hi Beautiful People!

Can I be honest for a little bit then get back to my main blog post? For the past nine months, I have mentally been drained of new ideas because of circumstance- to put it plainly, I have had a two very important people in my life that have been conquering cancer... You know when people on like Catfish joke about having cancer to make the person that they are Catfishing more attached to them, well that is what you hope the situation is when you first hear the words- that it is a joke or a mistake- basically anything that does not make it real.

I am not writing it to get people to feel sympathy for me but for one to understand my absence, I first found out about it in December 2015, I initially put the news in the deepest darkest corner of my brain because to me it was not true BUT then the surgery to remove the lump happened and I could no longer have my head in the sand. I remember worrying so much about the person I had to look after rather than looking after myself- I ate like once a day, if the person wasn't struck by so much pain then twice a day. Rest was needed by a wave of visitors came through and waking them up felt almost like a punishment for them. You then get sent back to university which is 1200 kilometers away and pray almost every second that you will see them when you return from university for the next major holiday. This person is my mother. Now in my head, I have probably written this a billion times and soon you will see how it relates to my actual blog post...

I am sure that you have heard of the new Disney movie called, "Queen of Katwe" ( well I hope you have). To put it plainly, it is a story of girl who became an International Chess champion despite being poverty stricken in Uganda. So lead actress, Lupita Nyong'o took Vogue to her family tribe for the October issue. Here are the photographs:

That is a truly African landscape

I like the slightly Mexican feel.

Lupita and her paternal grandmother.

Photographed by :

All photographs from:
My question becomes how many of us are living like 'Queens/Kings of ...'? How many of us are looking at life/our circumstances and thinking of ways to continue to live our dreams despite every little thing that tells us not to live our dreams? My mother is a Queen of her world right now ( she may not think or see but I do) because although she is had weekly chemotherapy sessions- she made time for her dream- she sews every chance she gets and will even ignore the world as long as she gets a couple of items are done by the end of the week. I cannot say the same right now but I am still figuring it out- I am allowed time to refocus, right? After all, this is what my blog is about - seizing the day thus your world! All I know is that in a couple of months, I will be done with my first qualification and I will be excited to start my second one very soon.

 "The size of your dream must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them."- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Love and True Happiness.